100Block Mural San José


In 2019, myself and 99 other artists were selected and hired to paint our own 3’x3’ space in the timespan of two weeks to create the largest collaborative mural in the Bay Area. Hired by Local Color, a woman owned and operated nonprofit based in San José, each artist had the freedom to contribute whatever work they wanted.

My piece featured La Virgen de Guadalupe in honor of the diverse communities in San José along with my personal ties to the Virgin Mary. This depiction of La Virgen is to respect California’s Mexican History, the San José Latino/a/x Community, and the Guadalupe River that runs through San José.

As a Catholic raised artist, the Virgin Mary has always had a significant meaning to me. My name, Marissa, derives from Mary and I have felt a deep connection to her through that and the symbol of hope she brings.

It was a privilege to be a part of something bigger and have my artwork living in a public space that I have called home my whole life.

Thank you Local Color for all that you do.

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