Begin Again - Marissa McPeak

BFA Installation

Artist Statement

This visual narrative is the metaphorical journey I went on in order to find inner balance after having experienced a significant loss in my personal life. For many months, I harbored negativity and tried to push stress and sadness away, but the chaos of unattended emotions only consumed me.

Many times I felt lost in a thick fog, unable to see my path. I learned that I had to become more vulnerable with myself by confronting the source of these feelings. Writing and art making became cathartic - an avenue to express my complex emotions. Through this odyssey, I have come face to face with the importance of allowing myself to feel, to let go, and to start over.

Much of this body of work is deeply inspired by Florence + The Machine’s album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. I find parallels in this album to my life through Florence’s loss, struggle, and strength. Many of the issues I deal with are synonymous to those of Florence’s; I find solace in her conflicted and powerful lyrics.

By projecting my dreamlike images larger than life, I allow the viewer to experience my narrative in a more physically immersive way. The audio for this installation is a mix of instrumentals from How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful along with personal recordings of air and water both in turmoil and at peace.

My hope is that you, the viewer, will remember that you possess the strength to withstand difficult periods of life and to not fear loss or new beginnings.

Exhibition Photos

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